Business owners will certainly be stepping up their video creation game in 2021. Video was the preferred method in 2020 for bigger companies, and the trends show in 2021 smaller sized companies and social influencers have also been increasingly taking the same approach as their main method to market. By staying on top of the most recent trends for 2021, your company can keep the pulse on what to produce for quality video content that is not just attention grabbing but also has a valuable function behind it.  With other forms of marketing becoming oversaturated to the consumer, video advertising and marketing will continue to be the top choice to incorporate into your current marketing plan as well as taking advantage of amazing brand-new trends for 2021 to repurpose that content.  You can reuse your created content across your Website, Social Media, Blogs, Email, Podcasts and more. This increasing trend in the world of video creation suggests that your videos for advertising and marketing will certainly require you to increase the quality and quantity in order to improve your search rank to be found more easily on search engines like Google and Bing and also with tools like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and also Siri. If two companies equally produced a similar quality content piece but one created it using only words and a picture and the other did so through video, the video would hands down win the battle for the web traffic.  The search engines give preference to the video since the consumer prefers video over written word by more than 40%.  Since this is a newly evolving trend for small businesses in many industries, you can use it to your advantage by simply starting early to get your video creation process in place and building up your library of content. It is better to start now while still in early stages and become the go to expert in your field for video created knowledge than trying to play catch after your competitors have already stepped up their game and beat you to it.