When creating a business listing for your company, it’s essential to provide the right information for potential customers. Here are some of the key data points you need to include in your listings:

1. Business Name: This should be consistent across all listings and should accurately reflect what your company does.

2. Address & Phone Number: All online listings should include accurate contact information such as mailing address and contact number, as this will make it easier for customers to reach out.

3. Photos & Logo: Including photos of your store or products along with the logo will boost the visibility of your listing and help potential customers get a better sense of what you offer.

4. Hours of Operation: Make sure that you update any changes in hours days off or closures on all of your listings so that customers do not miss out on important information.

5. Description: Describe what services or products you offer, including any specialties, amenities, or promotions that differentiate you from competitors.

By including these data points in all your online business listings, you can create an effective presence across multiple platforms!

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