Digital marketing is on the rise, especially digital content marketing. With email campaigns and video advertising breaking through to consumers, one can expect a variety of new and exciting trends for 2020. Of course, we can only break down some of the most likely and appropriate predictions.

1. Voice Search 

It is said that by 2021, nearly half of all online searches will be voice search. This means that digital content marketing will need to be optimized in order to appeal to users of smart devices like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri from Apple. 2020 will see a rise in content that appeals to consumers who ask their voice-operated assistants to do a search for them.

2. Strategy

Content marketers will have to step up their game in 2020. Marketing assessments will become a must. The content itself will take the back burner as the strategy becomes more important to reaching new customers and appealing to the current ones.

3. Video

Video marketing is extremely powerful and extremely successful. Companies that use it experience an increase in direct sales and interaction with their company. 2020 will probably be no different; except things like live video, showcasing products, and webinars will become more popular.

4. The Death of Clickbait

Say goodbye to tricking consumers into clicking a video or an advertisement. While this was a popular way to achieve views and subscriptions, clickbait will become null and void once authenticity reaches its peak in 2020. Personal, relevant content will increase intent to purchase.

5. Influencers

Still quite popular in 2019, but in 2020 smaller level influencers will take the stage as a primary way to advertise and market content. These small influencers will be people of prominent interest in target areas and relevant to target audiences. Utilizing Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for content will start to fade.

By keeping on top of the latest predictions for 2020, you and your business can best prepare for creating content that not only is marketable but has a strategy and purpose behind it. Of course, nothing is guaranteed in trends. They can fall as quickly as they can rise – but it’s best to play it safe and not allow your business to be left behind!