Programmatic advertising is an automated form of digital ad buying that uses advanced technology to purchase ads on behalf of a business. It eliminates manual processes, such as manual bidding and budget tracking, and streamlines the entire process — from media planning to reporting.

Programmatic advertising helps increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your digital ad campaigns. By using data-driven algorithms, it can optimize ad bids for maximum reach or target very specific audiences. Additionally, its automated nature allows you to efficiently manage multiple campaigns at once.

The most common form of programmatic advertising involves real-time bidding (RTB), where advertisers place bids on available inventory in an auction -style setting. This allows them to set clear criteria for who they want to target, ensuring their ads are reaching the right audience without wasting valuable budget.

Thanks to greater demand for programmatic advertising , brands are now able to access more data than ever before. This allows marketers to get a better understanding of their customers’ wants and needs so they can develop more relevant campaigns and maximize the ROI of their ad spend.

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